Shelly Garage Door Opener Kit

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Everything you need to make your garage door smart - a fun project for those just starting their home automation journey and for seasoned automaters:
  • Shelly Uni (12v WiFi module with 2 onboard solid state relays and sensor inputs
  • 12v power supply with screw terminal adaptor
  • Double power adaptor so you can plug in your 12v Power Supply at the same socket used to power your garage door opener
  • Junction box to house Shelly Uni
  • 3M mounting tape
  • Velcro cable ties for neat wiring
  • Screw Driver
  • Instructions suitable for typical Australian garage door openers
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Compatibility check

compatibility check

Connect the A and B terminals of your device to the garage operator using a wire with stripped ends or a paper clip and if the garage opens then it’s compatible

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