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Build your own IoTaWatt Bundle - this will make sure you have everything you need to monitor power usage and at the best price.

Items available to you in this bundle:

When you add an 
IoTaWatt Open WiFi Electric Monitor - Base Unit to your cart, every current transformer you purchase will be discounted by $10! The discount will be visible at the checkout page or you can click "View Cart".

  • To use IoTaWatt, you will require a 5v micro-usb power supply (not sold at Smart Guys).  A standard phone charger with a micro-usb cable is suitable.
  • If purchased individually (without a base unit), 50amp current transformers cost $30 and 100amp current transformers cost $35.
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IoTaWatt Open WiFi Electric Monitor - Base Unit
IoTaWatt 9VAC Voltage Reference Transformer
IoTaWatt 50amp Split Core Current Transformer
IoTaWatt 100amp Split Core Current Transformer

Open system, private data.

It's not that other energy monitors are bad, but they are different in that they are mostly closed systems that provide limited data and require that you use their cloud and phone app platforms.  IoTaWatt collects many more metrics and stores that usage history locally.  With it's integrated web-server you can manage setup, view real-time status or create detailed graphs using the browser on your computer, tablet or phone. It's your data, in your own home, and subject only to your own privacy and retention policy. You don't need the cloud to get a handle on your hot-tub, EV, solar or heat-pump.

IoTaWatt can, however, easily upload usage data to any of several third party databases with associated apps and analytic tools.  For instance PVoutput is a free service that connects easily with IoTaWatt and provides world-class solar energy analytics. There is full support for uploading to influxDB.  There is also an API interface for those who want to query data for their own applications or to use in spreadsheets, and there are integrations available for home automation software like Home Assistant.

A universal solution.

IoTaWatt is probably the only monitor in it's class that can literally be used to monitor any power system.  It is in use in over 60 countries worldwide.  USA split-phase 120V/240V is easy, but also 230V single-phase as in Europe, 230V three-phase as in homes in Australia, Germany and norway to name a few. Most folks only care if it will work in their situation.  The answer is an unqualified yes.

There are also many commercial/industrial users monitoring high voltage three-phase systems including 277V/480V industrial with 600Amp service using several megaWatt-hours per day - more than most households use in a year.  Then there's a site in Uganda measuring voltage and power used to charge rental electric motorcycles using Solar Energy.

This is all possible because IoTaWatt uses simple external sensors that are available for any and all voltage/power combinations.  Just install, plug into the IoTaWatt and select the sensor type from a dropdown menu in the configuration app.

How it Works

IoTaWatt measures each circuit using a passive sensor that clips around one of the insulated wires. The output of each of these current-transformers is very low-voltage and plugs into any one of IoTaWatt's 14 inputs. 

A wall transformer inserted into an ordinary receptacle converts local voltage to a standard reference voltage and allows IoTaWatt to determines line voltage and frequency.

From the browser based configuration app, you simply select the model sensor that is connected. IoTaWatt knows how to interpret the signals  to produce a highly accurate measure of the power being used at any moment.

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