Fibaro Z-Wave Implant

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FIBARO Smart Implant allows to enhance the functionality of wired sensors and other devices by adding Z-Wave network communication.

You can connect binary sensors, analog sensors, DS18B20 temperature sensors or DHT22 humidity and temperature sensor to report their readings to the Z-Wave controller.

It can also control devices by opening/closing output contacts independently of the inputs.

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Supports Z-Wave network Security Modes: S0 with AES-128 encryption and S2 Authenticated with PRNG-based encryption.

Works as a Z-Wave signal repeater.
Allows for connecting sensors:
6 DS18B20 sensors,
1 DHT sensor,
2 2-wire analog sensor,
2 3-wire analog sensor,
2 binary sensors.
Built-in temperature sensor.

This product works with :

  • Fibaro Home Controller 2/Lite

 Please note:

Before installation

Connect only in accordance with one of the diagrams,
The device is powered with secure voltage; nevertheless, the user should be extra careful or should commission the installation to a qualified person,
Do not connect devices which are not compliant with the specification,
Do not connect other sensors than DS18B20 or DHT22 to SP and SD terminals,
Do not connect sensors to SP and SD terminals with wires longer than 3 meters,
Do not load the device outputs with a current exceeding 150mA,
Every connected device should be compliant with the relevant safety standards,
Unused lines should be left insulated.

Tips for arranging the antenna:

Locate the antenna as far from metal elements as possible (connecting wires, bracket rings, etc.) in order to prevent interferences,
Metal surfaces in the direct vicinity of the antenna (e.g. flush mounted metal boxes, metal door frames) may impair signal reception!
Do not cut or shorten the antenna – its length is perfectly matched to the band in which the system operates.
Make sure no part of the antenna sticks out of the wall switch box.

Applicable Dangerous Goods Regulations Not Applicable

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