Fibaro Z-Wave Double Switch 2

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Fibaro Z-Wave Double Switch 2 (FIBEFGS-223) is a smart Z-Wave wireless module which can control two circuits each with a maximum load of 6.5A per channel and 10A total load per circuit. 

  • Control the ON-OFF function of two two independent circuits or appliances remotely or using a wall switch
  • Acts as a repeater for your Z-Wave network
  • Does NOT require cabling
  • Latest generation Z-Wave 500 series chip
  • Z-Wave Plus certification
  • Very accurate energy measurement +/- 1 % for power above 5W
  • Supports secure mode (Z-Wave Network Security) encrypted with AES-128
  • No dry contacts - It means that the new FGS-223 cannot be used to control low voltage systems such as garden lights and irrigation, or where you want a pure volt-free switch such as alarm panels and garage door controls.
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The Fibaro Z-Wave Double Switch 2 (FIBEFGS-223) is a smart Z-Wave controller capable of remotely operating your existing light fittings. It works with Z-Wave enabled controllers (AUS/NZ version) and can be controlled individually or as part of a group in a pre-configured Scene. 

The device is designed to operate inside your wall socket and can be easily installed by a qualified electrician.

This Fibaro Fibaro Z-Wave Double Switch 2 requires 3-wire (including neutral) installation and works with an AC (230V) power supply. 

The Fibaro Z-Wave Double Switch 2 also features a secondary switch input which allows it to directly control other associated Z-Wave devices. This means that by turning the switch ON/OFF you can also turn other associated devices ON/OFF even if they are not physically connected to the same Fibaro module. It also enables you to control the local load as part of 2-way and multi-way lighting circuits. 

Please check the maximum load before installing or operating. This installation must be done by a certified electrician in Australia and New Zealand. Before engaging an electrician, check that they provide an electrical compliance certificate. For warranty claim you have to provide installation compliance certificate from your electrician.

Z-Wave Device Type Z-Wave dimmer
Operation Range Up to 30m indoors with no obstacles
RF Protocol Z‐Wave
Application Indoor use only
Power Measurement Yes
RF Frequency 921.42Mhz ‐ AU/NZ
Applicable Dangerous Goods Regulations Not Applicable

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