Dome Z-Wave Door / Window Sensor PRO

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It's pro because we have another one, and this one is better.

"How could it be better?!" you say? Besides the fact that the battery life is longer than Jimi Hendrix's career (RIP,) its Z-Wave range is even better than other brand and we have tested ourselves, the magnet is both super thin and crazy powerful, the communication is encrypted, it will let you know if someone messes with it.

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The battery life is up to 10 years.


Install it on garage doors, closet doors, medicine cabinet doors, and all the windows in your home and get a reminder or sound an alarm when you’ve left anything open. Protect yourself from danger or an invasion of privacy, and find out when someone is snooping around.

The Dome Z-Wave D/W Sensor Pro can automate the lights to your doors and windows, and turn them off when you leave the room. Sleek, modern design, and battery operation, means you can install the long-range Dome Z-Wave D/W Sensor Pro anywhere. Use with almost any Z-Wave Hub including: Fibaro, Vera, Ezlo, Wink, Home Seer, SmartThings and more. 

The DOME Z-Wave D/W Pro Sensor is a Z-Wave Plus (500 series) compatible, long life battery-powered sensor designed for security and automation applications.


This product is compatible with all Australian certified (921.42MHz) Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus controller including:

  • Vera Edge/Plus
  • Ezlo 
  • Fibaro Home Center 2/Lite
  • Smart Things
Applicable Dangerous Goods Regulations Not Applicable

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