Aeotec Z-Wave Nano Single Switch Relay

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Control any switch. From anywhere. Wirelessly.

Power sockets and light switches: amazing inventions. They literally changed the world. But if you’re not standing right next to them or can’t reach them, they’re limited. No more. The future is smarter. So is your home. The AEOTEC Nano Switch InWall offers completely wireless control of your switches and sockets.

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The AEOTEC Nano Switch offers total control, easily. Impossibly small, each AEOTEC Nano Switch installs invisibly behind any of your home’s existing switches or power sockets. Simply unscrew the faceplate, install the AEOTEC Nano Switch behind it, and you now have complete wireless control. Your old switches are instantly modern and instantly connected.

Product Details

Once installed behind a switch or socket, the AEOTEC Nano Switch offers unparalleled wireless control via Z-Wave protocol. It lets you control, automate, and monitor your lights light and power sockets. From anywhere. Anytime. And it does it all through enhancement – with the AEOTEC Nano Switch, your sockets and switches don’t have to be replaced and they’ll continue to offer the same manual control that you’re used to.

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