Adaprox Fingerbot Plus Smart Button Pusher

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‍Smart control for any buttons & switches.  Switch lights via App, activate vacuums with voice, and remotely power on your office PC. Now all these become effortless with Fingerbot.

Want to control your fingerbot remotely? Check out the Fingerbot bluetooth hub

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Retrofit your non-smart appliances

Coffee Scheduler

Prepare your favorite coffee every morning.

Air-con Remote

Remotely turn on/off the air-conditioner.

And many more endless possibilities!

Click & Go

Control all devices smartly with a simple click
Adaprox Home App controls and manages all your Fingerbots and bridges. Switching, adjusting and scheduling are now available with a simple tap.

​Fingerbot ToolPack

The modular design allows users to replace Fingerbot's arm. The tool pack of Fingerbot extends its capability in various cases.  Sold separately.

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